Inlet Grove Community High School
Department Roster 2020-2021


Director of Curriculum, Director of School Improvement, and Founder: Dr. Emma Banks (
Principal, in charge of Juniors: Francisco Lopez (
Assistant Principal, in charge of Freshman: Monica Banks (
Assistant Principal, in charge of Freshman: Deanna Pientka (
Procedural Compliance and Advisor to Sophomores: Tonja Latson (
Assistant Principal, in charge of Seniors: Scott McDermott (
Testing Coordinator, for state assessments: Greg Valliere (
Career Coordinator: Rebecca Blair (
Director of Facilities: Clotee Banks (
Human Resource Director: Ruth Duperval (
Chief Financial Officer: Emanuel Ridgeway (
Executive Administrative Assistant: Lynn Barnes (
Administrative Secretary: Linda Colombo Bonikowski (
Administrative Secretary: Elisa Espinoza <>


Guidance Department

Data Processor: Nicole Castresana (
Admin Assistant: Kimberly Bavegehims (


Student Services

Case Manager: Moses Baker (
Community Language Facilitator: Aluis Dorvil (
Dean of Discipline: Dr. Billy Gira (
ESE Coordinator: Rosalyn Moore (
ESE Language Coordinator: Ashley Walker (


Instructional Staff

Business Ed: Scott Miller (
Culinary: Robert Hall (
Digital Design: Arenthia Baker (
English: Preston Bailey (
English: Ulatha Cange (
English: Rachel Day (
English: Kristi Kirkman (
English: Tamara Melbourne (
English: Rose Pawlin (
Journalism: CB Hanif (
Marine Technology: Jonathan Rice (
Mathematics: Bradley Doby (
Mathematics: Rashean Graham (
Mathematics: Katia Lorissaint (
Mathematics: Jean-Patrick Michel (
Mathematics: Rodney Plancher (
Mathematics: Maria Lourdes Reyes (
Mathematics: Adam Ruggieri (
Mathematics: Fariba Samiei (
Medical: Rebecca Blair (
Medical: Naywona Burnett-Graham (
Medical: Dr. Robert Ghassemi (
Medical: Nancy Mackey (
Medical: Mary Paramore (
Physical Education: Sammantha Donovan (
Physical Education: Michael Fritz (
Pre-Law: Keith LeVan (
Pre-Architecture/Pre-Engineering: Ayhan Lambaz (
Reading/AP: Ashley Cartwright (
Reading: Sati Charan (
Reading: Irene Long (
Science: Candace Graham (
Science: Alexandra Martinich (
Science: Abigail Milce (
Science/AP: Daniel Spector (
Social Science: Brittany Bonner (
Social Science/AP: Bruce Pauletti (
Social Science: Athena Pietanza (
Social Science/AP: Crystal Sullivan (
Social Science: Morris Sutton (
Spanish/AP: Odalys Companioni (
Spanish: Salica Wiggins (
TV Production: Peter Goldstein (
Web Design/AP CSP: John Martinez (


Support Staff

Head Custodian: Kirk Patrick (
Media Specialist: Margaret Bell (
School Police: Ryan Strahan (

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