10 Jun 2017


Ayhan Lambaz

Ayhan Lambaz is the professor for Pre Architecture Pre Engineering a graduate with his masters in a architecture from Florida International University


Inlet Grove’s Pre-Architecture / Pre-Engineering Academy offers talented and motivated students the necessary foundations of math and science, combined with state-of-the-art design tools for engineering technology including the latest version of AutoCAD (Computer Aided Design) and Building Information Technology (BIM) using Revit. An emphasis is placed on the integration of academic knowledge into real-work technical skills and specialized applications. Pre-Architecture students draw architectural and structural features of buildings and other structures. Pre-Engineering Students draw mechanical components and various other machine components. They may specialize in automotive, marine or aeronautical. Then students can see their components come to life using our 3D printer.

Career Outlook and Salaries

Learn about educational requirements, salaries and job growth in your chosen career. Pre-Architecture/ Pre-Engineering


Additional Certifications

Become an Office Specialist with Digital Info Technology Certifications

College Credit

Find out if you are eligible to receive college credit for certifications earned at Inlet Grove: College Credits (ACE)

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